fiction ghostwriting vs non-fiction ghostwriting

10 Reasons why Fiction Ghostwriting is better than Non-Fiction Ghostwriting

Stern and stubborn are those who gush over historical facts and figures. However, it’s okay if you want the world to repeat what has gone by yesterday. It helps families and nations know their roots and how their lineage and fight for freedom turned out. But for fantasy ghostwriting and daydreamers, it’s not okay. According to them: “Why should anybody reminisce on the past that’s nothing but tragic and dark.” Well, that makes complete sense that one should not indulge in too much formal work. Of course, upright religious teachings, ethics, and know-how are exceptions.

Furthermore, non-fiction ghostwriting makes you an eagle-eyed observer of books, encyclopedias, handbooks, etc. Even Robin Hood, with a bow and arrow, was an eagle-eyed target hitter. But that didn’t make him vary his dreams and philosophies to a greater extent.

Thus, it is apparent that any writer can etch non-fiction by pulling our sources from the archives and the internet. But on the other hand, fiction ghostwriting is a supernatural phenomenon that not everyone has. It’s more like a mind process bestowed by God on individuals with a purpose in life – a virtuous one. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s the make-believe writings that can bring revolution nowadays.

Unlike their counterparts that only flare up anarchy and destruction. Truly, things have changed, and so has the author’s appeal. Sorry to break the bubble here, but the non-fiction storage space is fully occupied and now only deluges due to pompous minds. Given the situation of our world, most of the non-fiction and historical evidence now lies in the hands of politicians, conspiracy makers, state actors, and despots.

However, neglecting non-fiction books and eminent authors entirely is a deplorable act and huge disrespect to the institutional community. So, you should have adequate information to aid your fiction writing. It enables you to collaborate with edifying academic education and chronological directories. Thus, you can create imaginary works that people can relate to some degree. Below are some solid reasons that make fiction 10x better than non-fiction.

Brainstorming Writing Ideas with Liberty

Fiction allows writers to think optimistically. They hold a pen, keep the keypad under their fingers, and start tossing their thoughts. It’s like expressing your heart with feelings and stories that have touched you emotionally.

Another thing that makes us and others like us crave more mind fancies is free association. A process developed by one of the Founding Fathers of Psychology, Sir. Sigmund Freud. The drill is simple: you enlist a few words, read, then whatever comes to your mind, you note it down. It helps fiction writers invent original ideas, Socratic philosophies, and breakthrough concepts. All in all, fiction writings allow writers to imagine and develop new strings and twists for their stories.

 Makes your Writing resourceful

Individuals who give identity to their ideas through their writings are true prodigies. Not only do they improvise in their work but also manage their daily schedules efficiently. In fact, fiction writers plan their lives to perfection. Remember, intelligence has nothing to do with resourcefulness; it’s the ability to handle things successfully under pressure –with fewer means.

Improves Critical Thinking

Undeniably, one of the most desirable fiction-writing perks is to gain a perception of things generally unfathomable by the masses. Your cerebral cortex wakes up and becomes fully functional if we talk in medical terms.

Critical thinking is the intelligibly disciplined process of dynamically and adroitly processing knowledge of different schools of thought. Fiction writers can theorize, apply, scrutinize, synthesize, and evaluate information collected or absorbed by observation, experience, reasoning, contemplation, or conversation. In simple words, they can understand even complex writings and situations – and how to overcome them.

Makes your Writing Artless

Just like your thoughts flow spontaneously round-the-clock, you can’t control yourself from writing endlessly. You craft breathtaking realms, well-regarded organizations, protagonists, friendly sidekicks, villains, anti-heroes, and so forth. Things indiscernible to the human eyes become evident in front of you. It is you that gives them meaning and manifestation through fiction writing.

Evolve Your Writing With Solemnity and Humor

People assume story writers as outcasts. They think these people try to hide from the real world, societies, friends, and kin by acting smartly. But it is not the case. In fact, fiction writers are the most thoughtful individuals. They try to create something out of nowhere that could reveal to people what’s happening around us via their heartfelt true stories.

Though their fiction works are fables, they add reality to keep things interesting. Fiction writers sometimes scrawl lightheartedly to give people space in the breathing room. Further, develop funny scenarios with all seriousness intact. It helps readers unwind the weight on their chests and wipe off tears while reading a solemn sob story.

Improve your Decision-making Power

Fiction writers not only get better with their fantastical imaginations but unlock their 6th sense and vision as well. They know what is coming and looming around the corner. Thus, they can make decisions based on their observant calculations. So much so that others share their concerns with them during the most apprehensive moments. Indeed, fiction writers provide sound guidance and recommend what’s best for them.

Grooms your Personality

Ultimately, fiction writers began to show signs of good character, principles, and conduct. In other words, fiction writers are of reputable stature, fearlessness, and emanate vibes of selfless humans. Hence, their personalities shine like sky-glowing auras.

Shows the Bigger Picture

Fiction writers see the complete picture while others break loose by viewing the pixel. They’re the ones that understand the happenings more clear-headedly. Thus, engage with them creatively and attain fruitful outcomes.

It Makes you despise Materialism

These endangered writing species love to live a solitary life. They remain cosseted and calm even when surrounded by the hustling and bustling of crowds and cities. Everything is what they have or obtain habitually without causing any spendthrift riot or drama. They’re full of gratitude and always have enough to fill their thoughts and tummies. According to them, materialistic nature destroys one’s heart, peace, and brain’s profoundness.

See Inspirations in Everyday Items

Fiction writers don’t see things but absorb them completely. They act like TV antennas that catch frequency and turn them into imaginations. Indeed, this observing behavior helps them cope with life’s cruelty and convey inspired visuals via writing.

And the results are in. The Winner is – Drumrolls!

Mr. Frank Fiction, as we call him, is the person sitting up front with the most forthright attitude. “The entire amphitheater erupts in claps, ecstasy, and admiration.” We cannot imagine fiction writers like Frank would not win the best writer’s award. They will win on any day, event, or corner of the planet. That’s how good fiction writers are. Bye-bye, Non-fiction lovers!!

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