8 Simple Steps to Improve Your Retail Box Designs

Custom packaging boxes are all the rage these days. It’s not uncommon to see a line of people waiting outside your local coffee shop for their favorite drink. Only to watch in bewilderment as they’re handed an unbranded cardboard cup with the words “Coffee” scrawled on it. This needs to change. No one wants to feel like they’re drinking out of a generic styrofoam cup anymore! 

  • Use a box design company. 
  • Make sure your boxes are sturdy and durable for shipping. 
  • Include instructions on how to assemble the product inside the package. 
  • Create packaging that is eye-catching but not too flashy or expensive. 
  • Don’t put too many things in one box – use dividers to separate items if necessary.    
  • Consider using more environmentally friendly materials like cardboard instead of plastic or styrofoam. 
  • Create a retail box design that is eye-catching and attractive. 
  • Organize your products in an easy-to-understand way. 
  • Make sure the product information is clear and easy to read. 
  • Include instructions for use or any other important information on the package. 
  • Use bright colors to grab attention, but also make sure they look good with your brand’s color scheme.  
  • Add a logo, so customers know who made the product right away. 

However, custom retail boxes designs are becoming a more popular way to create packaging for businesses. The design process is an essential step in the design and development of any product. When you’re ready to start designing your new retail boxes, keep these eight simple steps in mind: 

1) Decide on Your Design: What style will your custom retail boxes be? Will they be colorful or black and white? How many colors do you want to use? 

2) Gather Materials: You need materials like cardboard, paper (or tissue), ink, pens/pencils, as well as other tools such as scissors and tape. This might sound like a lot, but it’s probably less than what you would buy if you were buying regular retail boxes. 

  • Decide on Your Design. 
  • Gather Materials. 
  • Create a Sketch of Your Boxes. 
  • Make the Final Decision and Order Them. 

After you know exactly what kind of retail boxes that you want to design, it’s time to gather your materials for creating your custom packaging solution. You will need a xacto knife or other cutting tools. You can also use pens, pencils, paper, scissors, and tape. Then you can design the cake with these supplies. Draw out what you want to do before you start so that it will be easier to make your cake later on. 

Use the right box for the product. 

Now that you have the right custom packaging solution for your product. It is time to decide on how exactly you want these designs to look. 

You can use any colors or styles depending on what will be best for this particular business and product line of yours. Make sure that you do not put too many details in your design. This will make it look cluttered. The purpose of a simple but elegant design is to capture people’s attention. If possible, even try using premium paper materials such as recycled cardboard so that it could make an excellent sustainable, eco-friendly branding statement. 

Include customer testimonials on your packaging 

This way, your customers will get to see other people who are happy with your product and services. 

Shoppers don’t like it when the paper packages they buy are hard to open. They can’t get them open. So, they will not buy your products if you use these kinds of packages. 

Instead of buying heavy-duty cardboard, you can use corrugated cardboard that is recyclable. It is good for the environment and can be used again. To make sure the package stays closed, tape all four sides of it. Then no one can open the box without breaking anything inside. Make sure you tape up the inner parts where items should go before mailing them. 

Make sure to include any necessary warnings or disclaimers. 

People need to know what is inside before they open it. Especially if the items are fragile or breakable. 

People like saving money on things that will last them a long time and serve more than one purpose. Custom boxes can be used again for other purposes after you use them once for packaging products. 

They make great storage containers too! So people want to buy these types of boxes. Using reusable items is better for the environment. It saves money because you do not have to buy disposable products, which cannot be reused or recycled. 

Since custom printed, retail box designs look so nice. Shoppers feel good about spending more on something with style and originality tied. 

You can visit for more details regarding custom retail packaging boxes. This clearly shows just how important custom retail boxes have become in today’s society. 


Don’t put too many things in one box – use dividers to separate items if necessary.    

People do not like spending time unwrapping and then repacking an item. 

It is better to use a slightly larger box than something too small for your product. You can always cut off empty space from the bottom of the box. But you cannot add more if it does not fit in properly. 

Keep boxes flat when stacking them on each other. It will keep things safe during transportation and storage. Boxes with round edges are less durable. If they get crushed, so might its contents inside. Avoid round shapes and cut-outs in your furniture. They can be hard to pack, and they don’t work well. 

Include instructions for use or any other important information on the package 

Use a color that stands out. But make sure you choose a color that goes well with the items in your package. And put your logo or name on it so people can know who made the product. 

If you have a lot of space in your box, you can tell people where to buy more products. For example, if you have a store with some items for sale, you can say, ‘if you want more information about this product, go to my store.’ This will make it easier for them to make a decision before they leave. 

Custom boxes aren’t just for retail purposes but also for restaurant takeaway orders. Promotional items such as giveaways at events and party favors during holidays, etcetera. The possibilities are endless! Get creative. There is no limit to designing custom boxes for anything because new things happen every day. 

Place your logo in a prominent place on the package.  

It is not advisable to place the logo on an unattractive box. You should make a nice product because customers will like it. Customers will be more confident when they buy from you if you put work into making the package look nice. 

The main objective of custom boxes is for marketing purposes. The way consumers view retailers’ packaging nowadays has changed greatly. They know how important good designs actually are. You can do this by placing logos or pictures of famous people on packages. This makes customers feel as if someone as popular as Kim Kardashian trusts these products. 


Get the best custom retail boxes from a packaging printing service. To get the best custom retail boxes, use a packaging printing service. There are eight steps you can take to make your box prettier. You might not know what they are, but here is a list so that you do not have to search for them. 

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