Does Erectile Dysfunction Result From Diabetes?

Does Erectile Dysfunction Result From Diabetes?

Diabetes is one of many illnesses that can lead to erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection that is strong enough for sex. About 35-75% of men with diabetes may eventually experience ED, and men with diabetes develop diabetes 10-15 years earlier than men without diabetes. This is according to research by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

For males with diabetes, the risk of having ED rises with age. According to age, below are some ED statistics:

50 to 60 percent older than 50

95 percent of people over 70

How Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cause by Diabetes?

Diabetes can cause ED for a variety of reasons, including potential vascular, psychological, and neurological problems. Several probable reasons of ED in diabetic patients have been establish by modern medicine, including:

Damage to the penis’s tiny blood vessels. Diabetes causes the blood to contain more glucose (sugar), which might harm small blood vessels. It may be more challenging to achieve and sustain an erection if the tiny blood veins in the penis are damaged.

low levels of testosterone. According to estimates, 25% of diabetic males have low testosterone. Men’s sexual function is heavily influence by testosterone, and low levels can cause ED.

Depression. Many diabetic males may experience anxiety or depression as a result of having to deal with such a challenging condition. The loss of morning erections, which are typical in healthy men, is one of the many issues with getting an erection that depression can cause. Men who are anxious may lose their erection or have trouble getting one.

Adverse drug reactions. The negative effects of the medications that diabetic men using several prescriptions for their condition may develop ED.

Can Diabetes Related Erectile Dysfunction be Overcome?

Diabetes-related ED is treatable, but it won’t always go away completely. The best strategy to stop the progression of ED is to manage your diabetes, but symptoms might occasionally persist owing to nerve damage.

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How Can an Erectile Dysfunction Diabetic Overcome it?

We’ll include several strategies below that diabetics can employ to combat ED, such as:

  • Alterations in way of life
  • Medication
  • Alternative therapies

Personal Changes

Your risk of ED caused by diabetes can be decrease by making certain lifestyle modifications. You can alter your way of life by:

Quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption. Your blood vessels narrow when you use tobacco, including smoking, which can cause ED or make it worse. If you do drink alcohol, do it in moderation because excessive drinking can also exacerbate ED.

Consuming a diet low in saturated fat and high in fibre. According to studies, men who made these dietary changes and increased their moderate physical activity were able to treat ED naturally.

Exercising. Exercise can help with underlying issues that contribute to ED since it promotes weight loss and improves blood circulation.

Loss of weight. Make careful to eat healthfully and stay active because being overweight can exacerbate or even induce ED.

Lowering of tension. Relationship stress and tension can be brought on by ED. If your ED has physical causes, you might want to look into counselling to help you cope with the stress. Also, you ought to schedule some downtime and obtain proper rest each night.

Medicines on Prescription

Depending on the cause, ED will be treat, and your doctor may change any prescription drugs that may be a factor. Your doctor may recommend one of several drugs to assist treat diabetes-related ED, with the following four being the most popular:

These medications increase blood flow to the penis, which results in an erection. These should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity in order to be effective.

Alternative Therapies

Other diabetes-related ED treatments include the following if drugs don’t work or aren’t preferred:

Hormone treatment. A recommendation for testosterone replacement therapy to treat ED may be made if your testosterone levels are low.

Sperm injection treatment. For males who don’t respond to oral medication therapy, alprostadil (Caverject) injections administered directly into the penis before sexual activity have been approve. An erection is produced by this hormone injection by increasing blood flow to the penis.

Vacuum pump treatment. Over the penis is insert a plastic tube that is attach to a pump. Air is remove from the tube by the pump, which also draws blood into the penis. After that, a ring is put at the penis’ base to keep the erection during sexual activity.

Penile implants. This approach is only taken into account when all other therapies have fail because it involves substantial surgery. The penis is implanted with an inflatable rod to elevate it for sex.

Psychological assistance. Those who have ED brought on by psychological issues like sadness or anxiety may benefit from counselling.

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