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Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics is a global leader in providing diagnostic information services. It provides services to 30 percent of American adults. Patients can access their health information using a secure patient portal. The company’s mobile app, called Gazelle, is available for free. Patients can also access clinical summaries of their medical records.

Quest EHR develops and provides healthcare information technology solutions, including the Care360 EHR. It connects laboratory, radiology, and ePrescribing information to community providers. Quest Diagnostics’ Care360 EHR is approved by the Office of National Coordinator’s Authorized Testing and Certification Body and meets all of the HITECH Act’s requirements.

The company’s cloud-based EHR has several benefits, including mobile and cloud-based capabilities. It’s also CMS and MACRA-certified. Moreover, it’s designed to streamline the workflow of clinical experts. Care360 also includes integrated medical billing and patient scheduling modules. Its comprehensive EHR platform helps clinical experts manage lab testing.

Quest Diagnostics’ Care360 EHR is designed to meet the requirements for eligibility under the CMS EHR Incentive Program. It is a web-based EHR that is being offered through the company’s subsidiary, MedPlus. The application will be offered on the new online platform for physicians, which is being beta-tested in Michigan and will be available nationwide by 2011. Physicians will be able to access Care360 EHR through the single sign-on platform. By integrating the EHR platform, physicians will be able to access health IT products without disrupting their workflow. You can also check for Allmeds EHR¬†Software and its features and reviews.


The Quanum EHR service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company has a dedicated team dedicated to troubleshooting the issues that users may experience. Emergency support is also available, and can be scheduled for as little as two hours. Emergency support covers programming changes, installation of patches or new product releases, correction of configuration errors made by You, and problems resulting from changing data or parameters in source systems.

Quanum EHR is cloud-based and provides a comprehensive solution for all medical practices of any size. It also includes a marketing and CRM system, which makes it useful for marketing campaigns. Quanum EHR can even be used to analyze the results of marketing campaigns. Users can customize reports and other tools that will help them improve their business operations.

Quanum EHR is compliant with the Meaningful Use for EHR requirements and aims to make medical practices more efficient. Other features of the system include lab management, clinical messaging, and documentation, interoperability with multiple operating systems, and tracking patient health over long periods of time. Additionally, the system is modular, so users can add additional modules as their practice grows.

The Quanum EHR Services system also includes third-party data sources that can be accessed by patients. However, Quanum EHR Services does not allow patients to edit or delete their own data. As a result, it is important that patient demographic information is accurate. If the information is inaccurate, Quanum EHR Services cannot match it with any other patient data.

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