Rustic decoration: 5 tips for a chic and warm decoration

The rustic decoration is characterized by its solid wood furniture, its imposing sideboards and its large dining tables. It is often seen as an outdated and old-fashioned decoration. But on the contrary, it has enough to make other styles of decoration blush thanks to the charm it exudes. This authentic decoration is warm and we appreciate it as much in winter with a beautiful wood stove as in summer with its mountain charm.

No more prejudices, rustic decoration can be trendy as well as vintage decoration. You just have to respect a few rules and thus obtain a completely chic and ultra warm rustic decoration.

TIP N°1: Highlight materials

Wooden furniture

Who says rustic decoration, necessarily says presence of wood. For a rustic chic decoration to be successful, you must first sort through grandmothers’ furniture in order to keep a few pieces, such as a wooden coffee table, a dining table, a few stools or even just the cupboard you hold so dear. If you do not have enough to buy this kind of family furniture, browse flea markets or sales between individuals, many get rid of this old furniture.

For furniture, the must remains the Norman wardrobe. A dresser in which to display your grandmother’s porcelain service or better, mismatched antique plates will also work very well. A buffet closed by chicken wire, a jam maker, a solid oak table with some ornamentation and its straw chairs are recommended. Furniture that tells a story.

For a lightly loaded rustic decor, the few wooden pieces of furniture should be highlighted. These are the centerpieces of your interior. To do this, avoid filling a room with wooden furniture. For example, we will find a  wooden workbench  in an entrance and nothing else. In the living room, it will be the coffee table which will be highlighted by its authentic wood. You can also place a solid wood sliding door, guaranteed barn effect! Then in the dining room, a large family table. This allows you to highlight a rustic piece of furniture but also to keep a bright and modern room.

Stones and cement tiles

If you live in an old house and it is possible for you to enhance a stone or brick wall, you can in this case integrate it with stone facing plates or imitation brick wallpaper.

Otherwise, an interior plaster, a whitewashed wall or a light paint, for example, will do the job perfectly. On the floor, if the original is neither raw wood nor terracotta, lay floor tiles or cement tiles. The patterns offered today by DIY and decoration stores are perfect copies of those from the beginning of the 20th century. They will bring a certain charm to your interior. Anyway, ban PVC coatings!

TIP N°2: Make the beams stand out

A 100% rustic interior generally consists of beams. Keeping them and bringing them out is essential for the charm and cachet of your interior. For this, the ceiling can be repainted in white, keeping the exposed beams as they are. This will not only brighten the room, give a greater height effect and bring out your beautiful wooden beams.

If the omnipresence of wood bothers you in a room, consider repainting the ceiling in a very light color, such as white, then repainting your beams in a light color as well, such as gray or beige. This will break this too woody effect of your room and add a more contemporary touch to your interior.

TIP N°3: Mix styles

A rustic chic decoration can easily mix with other styles of decoration. Scandinavian or cocooning can be very suitable thanks to the presence of wood.

The rustic decoration can also be very suitable for an interior that is both design and industrial by the reminders of wood and the sobriety of the place. The mixture of style can also take place by a Mix and Match of furniture of different styles. A solid wood coffee table, a Berber rug and a designer armchair, for example.

TIP N°4: The colors of a rustic decoration

Natural tones

For a perfect family home decor, a chic country style, the colors must be natural for furniture and accessories, Browse examples at Homary! You need off-white, ecru, beige, taupe, twine, linen, mastic… If these tones are to constitute the basic color chart, old pink, blue or pastel green can also enhance the whole. An interior in light colors will immediately be brighter and more soothing.

Colored keys

To give pep to a rustic decoration, dare a few touches of color. They can be found on decorative elements such as cushions, a lamp or even a rug. Colors always bring more life and charm to an interior, whatever the style. However, be sure to make color reminders for a harmonization of all the elements.

TIP N°5: The rustic finishing touch

For the rest of the decoration, be creative and original with the cushions (with flowers!). Be daring with double curtains and their tiebacks (flower power again). Garden roses should appear on a boutis or, in a bedroom, on a quilt. The family home decor, the chic country style or simply the rustic decoration, materializes in the small decorative elements. A bunch of dried flowers here, daisies in a zinc watering can there.

Add old advertisements to the wall. Place a cookie jar on the table. Hang black and white portraits above the fireplace. Decorate it further with a wicker basket, to store the logs… Place candles, candles everywhere, on tables and window sills. The final touch: a crystal chandelier above the table in the living room.

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