The cozy style and natural decor: a style full of fantasy

The cozy style, or the family home style, rhymes with comfort and authenticity. It responds to the desire to return to the sources. The cozy style is furnished with natural materials, light and soft colors. Wood is omnipresent, in all its forms, the ideal being to choose it clear. Discover in this article, all the elements to take into account for a cozy decoration at the top.

The materials of the family home decoration

A laminate floor

Easy to maintain, laminate flooring is suitable for the cozy style. A solid parquet in the old is to be kept but in a recent housing the laminated parquet will replace it very well. Choose it light enough not to darken your interior.

Bleached wood

So that your family home decor interior doesn’t look too old-fashioned and lack luminosity, think about whitewashed wood, patinated furniture, by yourself if you have the manual fiber. Otherwise, bleached wood furniture is very trendy and is easily found in decoration stores.


Natural, linen with its authentic appearance is the material that best dresses the cozy decor trend. It is ideal for curtains, cushions or even the sofa. Choose it in natural tones like ecru or taupe. Pastel colors are also soft colors that will bring color while keeping the soothing and cozy side of your decoration.

A stone facing

For a real family home spirit, cocooning and cosiness, the stones must be present. If you do not live in an old house, it is possible to lay stone slabs. True-to-life effect guaranteed thanks to stone facing plates. To put on a fireplace, a wall or even in a bathroom, the stone facing will sublimate your interior.

Natural decoration: Bamboo, wicker, for a return to basics

Are you naturally stressed, do you find it difficult to relax? Or simply a fan of natural decoration? Bamboo, wicker and indoor plants are then part of the decorative elements that may well suit you. Create an atmosphere filled with Zenitude in your home thanks to 100% natural materials.

Bamboo, ideal for a natural decoration

If there is a natural material used in different forms, it is bamboo. Indeed, as a space separator, as a towel ladder or in various small decorative pots, bamboo is a pleasant decorative material. Besides being natural, it is also functional. Bamboo is the essential element to have at home for a successful natural decoration.

Exotic atmosphere with rattan

Rattan, used for rather vintage furniture, easily comes back into fashion in a more tropical atmosphere. Go for models now on! Rattan armchairs are perfect for a natural decoration both inside and outside. There are also more modern ones like the remastered loveuse. In a bedroom, you can find a rattan headboard, and create an atmosphere in which you can easily relax.

Natural decoration with wicker

To refine a natural decoration, wicker is the material that complements the general atmosphere of a room. The wicker used in chandeliers gives a room an instantly cozier atmosphere. A multitude of wicker baskets are characteristic of the natural decoration as well as poufs here and there. As far as wall decoration is concerned, sun mirrors are perfect for harmonizing the space.

The nature inside

The plants that go best with these natural materials are cacti, of different sizes and in mismatched pots. This gives a very nice effect to a living room. Succulents are also in harmony with a natural decoration, stored on a shelf or on a whole piece of furniture.

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