Valant EHR

Valant EHR Features and Review

Patient portal

The integrated patient portal created by Valant EHR helps clinicians and health care organizations achieve the optimal patient experience while saving administrative time and enhancing client satisfaction. Valant EHR enables patients and clinicians to collaborate more effectively and engage in self-care. The patient portal increases client engagement, which can lead to greater compliance and better health outcomes. In addition, the patient portal helps clinicians automate many routine tasks.

The patient portal has several features, including a patient record tracker and templates for notes and charts. It also has a secure messaging feature for patient and clinician communication. It also offers the ability to send and receive notes and forms from the comfort of a patient’s home. In addition, it offers a calendar interface that allows clinicians to view patient information by day, week, and provider. Users can filter appointments by provider or visit date. Patients can also sign forms, which is beneficial for HIPAA compliance.

In addition to an integrated patient portal, Valant’s EHR software features a clinical note software and practice management system. The software can help clinicians manage client medical records, process insurance EOBs and bill insurance companies, and create customized note templates. The software is also cloud-based, which makes it easy to use and requires little training. The software does have some limitations, however.

Documentation workflow

The Valant EHR documentation workflow is designed to help you save time and improve your documentation habits. It allows you to access your patient charts and any phone notes and progress notes in one place. It also keeps track of your notes and allows you to reuse them. You can create text narratives automatically, too, reducing the time you spend documenting each patient.

Valant EHR also has integrated electronic prescribing capabilities, which can help improve patient safety and adherence to medication regimens. The workflow is also designed to support collaboration between mental health practitioners. For example, mental health professionals can use Valant EHR to create customized treatment plans for their patients and request lab tests directly from clinical notes. Valant EHR is a software company that was founded in 2005 and currently has around 200 employees.

Valant’s EHR also comes with an integrated PDMP, which helps identify patients with potential drug abuse issues. The software will also allow you to send integrated assessments to your patients through the Patient Portal. This feature allows you to automate the measurement-based care model. AdvancedMD EHR software is another best software you should check its features.


With a behavioral health practice management system such as Valant, you’ll have streamlined documentation, improved efficiency and productivity. Other benefits include secure patient records, telehealth, billing, patient portal and an extensive library of outcome measures. These features can help you improve patient care and the lives of providers.

With Valant, you can streamline your workflow and improve patient care by taking notes and sending documents from home. In addition, you can use its web-based portal to provide your patients with initial assessments and complete intake forms. It also has a calendar interface that allows you to view patients’ appointments by day, week, and provider. The only limitation is that the calendar syncing is one-way; you’ll have to log into Valant to make changes.

Valant EHR also includes a prescription drug monitoring program and an e-signature feature that eliminates the need to send paper-based documents. You can also order lab results using the eLabs feature, which increases efficiency.


The Valant EHR provides a range of solutions for practice owners, clinicians, billers, and office managers. These include flexible visit scheduling, Telehealth, and built-in measures and rating scales. These features can help clinicians gauge patient progress. The Valant EHR also lets them modify client charts and note layouts.

Valant offers a demo version of its system, so users can test the functionality before making a purchase. This allows users to make an informed decision before committing to a full purchase. While some users were pleased with the system’s integration capabilities and configuration options, most users were dissatisfied with other features. Moreover, many users complained that not all aspects of the system were functional and that some add-ons were too expensive.

Valant’s Behavioral Health EHR helps behavioral health practices improve their operational efficiency. The software is especially useful for practices that want to meet Meaningful Use criteria. It also includes clinical documentation tools, scheduling, and workflow management features. It is designed with ease-of-use in mind, and promises to help improve patient care and practice management.

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