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What is it and what functions does a Print Server have?

The Print Services feature of the Windows Server® 2008 operating system includes two main tools that can be used to manage a Windows® print server: Server Manager and Print Management.

Print Management first appeared in the Windows Server 2003 R2 operating system and has been enhanced in Windows Vista® and Windows Server 2008. Server Manager and its integration with Print Services is new in Windows Server.

A print server can be an extremely useful tool in the office, since it will allow us to use a printer remotely, avoiding the arduous task of transporting the file to be printed on a flash drive or similar to the computer that has the printer connected. In addition, it saves us the need to have the application installed with which we develop the work on said PC. 

What does Printing Services do?

Print Services allows you to share Printing, Mailing & Fulfillment Fairfax, VA on a network and centralize management tasks for your print server and network printers using the Print Management snap-in, which helps you monitor print queues and receive notifications when print queues stop processing print files. print jobs. It also allows you to migrate print servers and implement printer connections with group policies.

 Role of a Print Server

Open Server Manager and click All Servers in the navigation pane.


On the Select Destination Server page, select the server on which to install Print and Document Services. The default server is the local server. Click Next.

On the Select Server Roles page, click and Document Services. Click Add Features to add the required features for and Document Services, and then click Next.


On the Print and Document Services page, review the administrator notes and click Next.

On the Select role services page, choose the role services that you want to install. server is automatically selected. If you select Internet Printing, you will also need to add the necessary features by clicking Add Features. Click Next.

If you have added Internet Printing, check the web server role settings and click Next until the Confirm Installation Selections page appears. Click Install to install the required role services.

The Installation Progress page reflects the status of the installation.

Printing and advertising services most in demand
Printing services are those offered by companies that are dedicated to the reproduction of images on cloth, paper, among other materials, in addition to the reproduction of texts, while advertising services focus on the creation, planning, marketing-type designs. and advertising.

Within the advertising industry, the printing press plays a very important and weighty role, since many of the advertising media require the services of the printing press to carry out the campaigns. Once the printing and advertising services are introduced, we will see how they work together.

Advertising and printing working together

As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, the printing press is used to reproduce texts on paper and images, and it can also be used with other types of materials.

In advertising, color is one of the most important and fundamental aspects in the elaboration of slogans, logos, images for brands, among others, since each color that is used represents a different concept, in this sense the printing press participates in this process. creative providing through graphic design and editing help in each color.

Among the services offered by the printing company are:

brochure printing
card printing
Printing of catalogs, among others
While advertising offers the following services:

The organization of events
Creation of creative advertising campaigns
Branding to build brand
Content Marketing, among others.
Both printing and advertising are companies engaged in the provision of services that are closely associated.

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